branded TIBO type E10-2 / CNC deep hole drilling machine with automation of the brand KBH, year of manufacture 2016

CNC deep hole drilling machines "Made in Germany"
TIBO type E10-2 with KBH brand automation
Modular and flexible in deep hole drilling
ELB process single-lip deep hole drilling machine
Year of construction: 2016
Technical data:
2 spindles
Full drilling capacity 2 - 10 mm in steel
Drilling depth max.: 375 mm (when using 2 steady rests)
Spindle drive: 3.7 kW
Spindle speed: max. 12,000 rpm, infinitely variable
Feed rate: 10 - 500 mm/min., infinitely variable Z-axis
Dimensions: 3,800 x 2,000 x 2,000
Machine weight: approx. 4,000 kg
Regulations and standards: VDE 0100/0113
Nominal power: 22 kW
Rated current: 45 A
Recommended fuse protection: 63 A (slow-blow)
Recommended cross-section: 16 mm²
Nominal voltage: 400 V 3 AC à 50 Hz
Control voltage 1: 230 V AC à 50 Hz
Control voltage 2: 24 V DC
The automation solution for workpieces and/or tools is integrated into our control concept and therefore offers simple and easy-to-understand operation. Loading and unloading systems:
- Bar tape
An ELB conversion kit for quick conversion available as an option
Deep hole drilling is used in almost all areas of the manufacturing industry - on a small scale, such as in medical or aerospace technology, but also in the oil and gas industry or in shipbuilding, where huge drilling diameters and drilling depths of up to 12,000 mm and more are used. These different areas of application place special demands on the machine used. Anyone who decides in favour of a deep hole drilling machine from Tibo can rely on a well thought-out application concept, absolute technical precision and high-quality components.
The machine was used to produce screws and nails for medical technology. Due to its use in the field of medical technology, the machine was regularly serviced and maintained to meet the strict standards.
Subject to alterations and errors in the technical data and information as well as prior sale!

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