1 LTA AC 3002-R-UL, oil mist extraction system as good as new, year 2017 (IntNo230930)

- Infinitely variable fan (0-10V for 230V version)
- Modularly expandable up to 7,200 m3/h (4,238 cfm) (AC 3061/3062)
- Low energy consumption thanks to pressure-loss-free filter elements and energy-efficient fans
- Filtration stages for the separation of cooling lubricant mist
- Electrosatic filtration principle
- Use for oil and emulsion mist
- High-voltage generator pre-programmed with two voltage levels
- Oil and emulsion
- Direct attachment to machine possible
- Separation efficiency up to 99%
- Dimensions: (LxWxH): 1130x625x610 mm
- Weight: 135 KG

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