AGW / Tool holder for Star WTO_410900000-22-K99-927-1-7 i2.18-1 hobbing unit gears 2017 (IntNr20215634)

Made in Germany "BEST QUALITY"
Star order no. WTO_410900000-22
K99-927-1-7 i2.18-1
Gear hobbing unit toothing
suitable for Star
Machine type: ECAS 12; ECAS 20; SR - 10J; SR - 20 JN; SR - 20 RIV A/B; SR - 20; SR - 32 J; SR - 32 JN; ECAS-12/20; ECAS-32T; SB-12/20R; SB-16III; SD-26C/E/G/S; SR-20J/JN SR-20JII-A; SR-20JII-B; SR-20RII; SR-20RIII;
SR-32JII-B/JIII-B; SV-38R; SW-20; SX-38-A; SX-38-B
Shank diameter / coupling: ø22 mm
Design: straight
Tool design: driven
Cooling: internal+external | external
max. 2000 rpm
Subject to alterations and errors in the technical data and information as well as prior sale!

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